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Saturday, December 11, 2010



You are right, changing description. This page just says chocolate but on researching a little more I found that it is white chocolate. It also contains a high % of Gouda as the "European Cheese". 58%!


I don't actually think it contains chocolate - I think it's cheese-flavored coating with wafers inside. (Kit Kats are huge in Japan because the name sounds like the phrase "kitto katsu" (definitely win, i.e. eat this and you'll pass your crazy school entrance exams), and so it's a kind of good luck charm for students and people facing tough times. To capitalize on the craze, Nestle Japan flavors Kit Kats in all kinds of bizarre seasonal flavors, such as blueberry cheesecake, cherry blossom, chestnut, raspberry, etc. Most of them are either flavored white chocolate or another kind of flavored coating rather than the standard chocolate and vaguely-peanut-flavored cream found in North America.)

That said, they rarely taste bad, and they're a fun way to surprise people. :)

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