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Monday, June 22, 2009



got this cheap in a local homestore's clearance whilst picking up a lot of other kitchen things. it's quite funky... it's still a bit of a fiddle to use and clean, but not as much as the traditional style garlic press.

i do find that it's easier to get it going if you part squash the clove with the back of a spoon before putting it in - but as a slight squash makes peeling it far easier anyway, it's just a matter of doing it with more force. extracting the result isn't that hard so long as you open it fully and remove the blades. then put it into water to soak immediately so it's not "baked on" when you come to clean it...


I bought one of these at Fred Meyer and found it hard to use; I had to push really hard to get it to turn when there was garlic inside. I also found getting the chopped garlic out to be more trouble than it was worth. Fortunately I was able to return it. Of course, YMMV. :-)


Bed Bath and Beyond also sells this. It works great! I love mine!

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