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Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Id fill it with school books!


i would fill my tote with a magazine, sunscreen and my lip gloss.

kathy pease

all my crochet thingys :)


I would fill my tote bag with library books I've taken out and library books I have to return. I go practically daily.

Heather C

Right now, I'd probably fill it with Kleenex and cough drops. :-( *snifflecough*

K. Cleaver

I'd use it to carry my things to the beach!

Donna Kozar

I would put stuff for the beach in it like sunglasses, tanning lotion, etc.

Charlene Kuser

I would put a wallet,hair brush,keys,
compact,medicine bottle,checkbook,
note pads,pen,pencil,book to read,
mini flashlight,sunglasses and nail file

Thanks for the contest!

Sarah Z

Books!! I love to read - this bag is so cute!!

Suanne Giddings

I would give this to my daughter - the Librarian. I am sure she will be very creative in putting it to good use. If I were to keep it, I would use it for my GPS, cell phone, coupons, grocery ads, shopping list, and whatever else I need to keep me organized when I run errands.

Marcia S

I would take a beach towel, sunscreen and flip flops in my tote bag for a trip to the beach.


I would fill it these items and then head to the pool: sunscreen spray, water bottle, sunglasses, hair clips, baseball cap, and gummy coke bottles.

Beverly Metcalf

It has a sailing theme, so it would be great to take to the beach with my sunscreen and tanning lotion. Thanks for having the contest.

Sarah Ulfers

I would put whatever project I am working on in it.


I'd fill it with fresh produce! We have a farmer's market nearby that's open every Saturday and it gives me a chance to buy local at a great price!

Marie N

Mmmmmm....let me think. I could fill it with books that I check out from our local library. I could also use it to keep my sunscreen and a quick change of clothes when I head to the beach. Or I could fill it with fresh fruits and veggies from the Farmers Market. I could also use it to carry sunscreen, snacks and wipes when I take the kids to the zoo. And last but not least I could use it to carry to my goodies as a everyday tote for one very busy mom.


I would fill it with a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, a floppy hat and a snack. Then take it to the beach.

Cindy Phillips

Towels and sunscreen for the beach.

Lily Kwan

I would put sunscreen, flip flops, and reading material into the tote if I won it.

A Casson

Would like to fill it with clothing and to carry metal detector finds if I'm on a hunt


If I won the tote it'd be filled with grocceries one day. Magazines, towels, sunscreen the next. Books for school the next. Always something new; getting good use out of it.

Stephanie Anderson

I would fill it with stuff to take to the pool.

Jeanette Jackson

Hmmm, a better question may be what wouldn't I put in it? One day I would use it for my beach essentials; another day I could fill it with books from the library; and maybe even use it to carry some groceries.

Renee We

Beach stuff will fill my tote along with healthy snacks and a few Chips Ahoy cookies.


I would use it to go to the pool so I would put in a beach towel, my sunscreen and lip balm, book, magazines, iPod, cell phone, water, snacks, flip flops, sunglasses.

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