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Thursday, May 22, 2008



Oh, I have seen that book around, I would love to read it! I bring my own reusable bags when I go shopping ( - so cute!), use my own mug for tea at work, and use CFLs. Small steps, but I'm working on being more environmentally conscious.

Kristen Lange

I bring my own coffee cup/travel mug when I get coffee at different cafes- I also do not drink Starbucks and have turned many people off of it. They do not enforce recycling in all of their stores, and even admit it on their website. They have more than enough money to enforce recycling at their locations, so until that happens, no Starbucks for me and many others!


My company doesn't recycle, so I keep a bag for recyclables in my office and empty it into my recycling bins at home.


We don't own a car, and use zipcar instead (less than once a month though).


Cloth diapering (just naming one of many...)


In my house, we have taught our three year-old daughter to recycle, turn off faucets and light switches when unnecessary, use our own reusable bags for groceries, and use recycled/earth-friendly products around the house... we drive as little as possible and buy our fruits and vegetables from the local farmer's market, including the pledge to buy hand-made ~oh how i LOVE etsy!

Kimberly B.

I walk or ride the bus everywhere I go. I also bring my backpack with me when I go shopping, instead of getting plastic bags.


Growing up, my parents had a huge veggie and fruit garden, we recycled, composted, and used the weird shaped lightbulbs (those have come a long way!). So, 30 years later, I love that the rest of the US is slowly catching up to what I've always done. I just started a veggie garden and installed an 'earth machine' composted at my apartment building, encouraging my neighbors to contribute if they feel motivated. I also bought all of my family members reusable shopping bags for Easter presents!


i do all the normal things (recycle what we can, use m own bags for shopping). we live across the stree from my husband's work so he can walk, and we can only own one car. i also cut up old t-shirts to use instead of paper towels (saves money, too!)


Where I live, recycling isn't a big thing and my family isn't into it but we do recycle paper. So, I have made it my personal responsibility to put every piece of paper, big or tiny into the paper recycle pile. We also have started bringing our own bags to supermarkets to shop with.

Lisa B.

We recycle darn near everything, carpool four days a week and work from home the one day a week. I use environmentally safe dish and bath soap, CFLs, and we contribute - via a power bill - to NC Greenpower.


I shop with reusable bags from the Red Cross (environmentally friendly and socially responsible). Since riding a bus is not an option for me, I drive using a technique called hypermileing. It's a bit slow, but minimized my use of gas.


This book is fantastic and so is being green by using cloth grocery bags, purchasing organic cotton towels/blankets, composting, recycling, using vegan cosmetics, joining a CSA, and showering once a week (just kidding about the showering!)


Ooh pick me!!! We've decided to grow a fruit and vegetable garden this year. Can't wait to see what grows! There are some really great tips in this thread I'm going to look into, like the dishwater for the garden!

Karen L.

I ride the bus to work everyday, clutching my travel mug of tea (I don't use paper cups). I compost, recycle, and refuse to use plastic bags. For the past two years, I have also been on a shopping diet: I am only allowed to purchase environmentally-friendly and ethically produced goods. This has limited my consumption, which is better for the planet.

Karen L.

I recycle, I compost, I refuse to use plastic bags, I ride the bus everyday and I do my best to buy things that are not heavily packaged. I use vinegar and baking soda for the majority of my cleaning needs. For the past two years, I have also been on a shopping diet: I am only allowed to purchase environmentally-friendly and ethical goods. This has limited my shopping and consumption a great deal, which is better for the planet.

Lady Tawodi

My father and I stopped using Paper Towels in August of 2007 and just use old towels cut up as rags. I thought it would be hard to do, but it's actually quite easy if you have enough to take care of your weekly use, and just wash them once a week :)

This week, I'm going to try and make my own laundry detergent (I usually use Seventh Generation)

Would love to have this book!

Why Mom Drinks Rum

Oh I want I want I want! I've been eyeing this book for awhile.

We are a mishmash of good and bad habits. We recycle....though I've been know to throw a few recyclables out.

I have Wrap-N-Mats for the kids school sandwiches (which they think are cool so I score bonus points for that)so we don't go through a million plastic bags...I try to buy organic foods as much as possible but..ya money tree hasn't blossomed yet. I also bought cloth bags for every possible store surrounding us and we use those to grocery shop now. Still trying to strong-arm hubby into the habit.

Oh...and we just switched to pine pellets for kitty litter. Weird. But effective. No chemicals and gives your home a nice...woodsy...smell. For awhile.


Holly Freeman

I put a basin in the bottom of my sink when washing dishes and after I'm done I fertilize my plants with it. The bits of food in the water contain everything your plants need. I use a greener dish soap but you don't have to worry about the phosphates in your regular detergent. Phosphates are a no no for water but are awesome for the soil.


I recycle all of my plastic bags that i get from the grocery store and take a few cloth bags along with me to minimize the amount of plastic ones i recieve.

Katrina Simpson

I only ride public trasportation or carpool. Luckily, I live in a city that gives me that option.


Oooh this book looks totally rad!

To make my footprint a little smaller, I bring a cloth napkin and metal spoon to work and use them for my lunch instead of paper and plastic. Eating at my desk feels way fancier with a real, cloth napkin on my lap anyways!


We recycle, use CFLs, use re-usable shopping bags and reusable produce bags. I consider how things are packaged before I buy them and I have recently started buying more earth friendly products as the old 'bad' ones run out.


i breastfeed & cloth diaper my little one, use reusable menstrual products, grocery & produce bags among many others!!

Lindsey Barlow

Instead of running many computers in our house at the same time. I am using a xtenda kit that allows more that one user to share the power of that first computer. You just add a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It saves not only electricity, but buying another computer and all its parts, not to mention the packaging that would come with it, and then the disposal in 5 years time when it comes to the end of its lifespan. This also saves old monitors from landfill too. I work in a school and am trying to get more installed there too.

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